Duruelo Convent High School

School Anthem

(Words by Mrs. S Lobo – Ex-Supervisor of the Secondary Section)

Hail, Duruelo Hail,

With Voices, hearty and hale

We proclaim, we will never quail

In the face of turmoil and strife

We will seek to win and never fail

Hail, Duruelo Hail,

Glory, Duruelo Glory,

The air resounds with the sound of our voices,

The Cross and The Lotus tell their story,

With true symbols, we will go on

Building minds and bodies and character to make them strong

Glory, Duruelo Glory,

Rise, Duruelo Rise

Let the Heaven hear our cries,

God bless our School, we plead

Make us loyal to it, in word & deed

No hurts & grudge against it to bread

Arise, Duruelo arise